Write Strong Essays with these Punctuations – Guide 2022
Without the punctuation in our writing, the text would sound nothing like normal speech. Punctuation helps to recreate in the text the same pause, the change of tone, and the emphasis on words and phrases. It also helps in delivering punchlines, adding the suspense of narration, as well as portraying various dialogue styles.
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Wrong use or missing punctuation in essay writing can leave a bad mark on the essay— robbing it of its flow, clarity, and sentence variety. It can also take away the relationships between sentences too.
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Below are the various punctuations that you should use in your writing.
Colons are usually associated with listing and bulleting. Its most common use is to introduce a list.
The famous roles that the versatile actor has played in his career are: (Here the list will be added).
Use of colons follows this format: The introduction of an idea or a claim (colon) explanation or listing of ideas and claims.
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Another use of colons is to provide an emphasis upon the sentence that follows (usually an independent sentence). This type of punctuation presents the second sentence, which is related to the first, as a buildup of information or as a punchline.
The semicolons are used to show similarity and connection between the two independent sentences. The reader might not see the connection between two independent clauses, so you have to put the semicolon in between to indicate the relation.
The prohibition for children to head the soccer ball is the right decision; Studies have shown the adverse effects heading the ball causes
Here the second sentence is related to the subject matter of the first one.
Another use of the semicolon is to separate lists and ideas if they already have commas in them.
The most common use of the apostrophe is the show of possession. It can show the possession by using the apostrophe with a subject. The format of the apostrophe is to use an apostrophe followed by an ‘s’, for singular nouns, and after ‘s’ for plural nouns:
  • Books of Zoey becomes Zoey’s books
  • Suits for men become men’s suits
  • Apartment of Franny and Zoey becomes Franny’s and Zoey’s apartment.
For plural nouns ending with s such as workers, farmers, doctors, the apostrophe will come after ‘s’
  • Rights of workers become workers’ rights
Speech Marks
There are two types of speech marks: Single-inverted commas( ‘text‘) and Double-inverted commas (“_”).
Both are used according to the convention at hand while referring to the works of others. Quoting from sources is part of essay writing, so it is important to know which one to use when referring to work.
When you are using a statement said by someone then you should use the double inverted commas. When you are using an author’s explanation or statement in a writing you will use single inverted commas.
Yet another use of speech marks is its use in presenting an irony or a sarcastic phrase in the writing. To clarify the reader that the said part is a sarcastic remark or an ironic phrase. Sarcasm and irony can hardly be used in formal writing but it shows us a glimpse of the extended use of speech marks.
Commas in the sentences create the necessary pause in the sentences and separate one part of the sentence with another. It can come before a coordinating conjunction, between the items in a list, and before and after a non-restrictive clause.
Commas can be nest used to separate a phrase from a string of the main phrases, allowing for a variety in structure and style.
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